Standalone is Steven Seibold. The synthesizer driven new-wave solo project featuring a collection of vintage synthesizers, live drums, tools, handmade metal crashers, shakers and a toy piano helped re-invent this artist well known for punk styling . Borrowing from 80’s and 90’s alternative pop… Standalone sounds intentionally outside the box. Having founded the post-industrial band Hate Dept., and holding a strong presence in the famed industrial-rock group Pigface, Seibold is versed in frenetic and unusual performances. The debut self-titled album sounds purposely raw and organic, as if it were performed live in our ears. Onstage, the show is either a solo act with an assortment of clanking steel and electronic keyboard accompaniment, or a duo with Ivan Kazak on drums. Standalone music is dense with emotion and brimming with secret messages for the hearts.

Festival Appearances

  • Terminus Festival ‘Override’ – July 2019 – Calgary/Alberta, Canada
    featuring: Covenant, HEALTH, Neuroticfish, Chant, Haujobb, Caustic
  • Mechanismus ‘Go To War’ – June 2019 – Seattle, WA
    featuring: Funker Vogt, Suicide Commando, Klutae, System Syn, Hocico, Android Lust, Continues
  • Sanctuary – June 2019 – Chicago, IL/Milwaukee, WI
    featuring: Leatherstrip, Voltaire, Wulfband, Klack, the Clay People
  • SXSW – March 2019 – Austin, TX
    NGP Showcase @ Valhalla featuring: Mr.Kitty, DSTR, Twin Tribes, Goo Munday, Viva Non

Self-titled debut album released Feburary 2019 with NGP

photo by Mandi Martini for Statik TV
Mechanismus – June 2019